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Everything you need to know about using Magnesium Sprays

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Supplements and other substitutes have become increasingly popular because of rapidly deteriorating eating habits. Magnesium ions are in your body in large amounts, serving as essential cofactors for numerous biological functions. They are crucial for the regular functioning of the body. Deficiencies can lead to numerous issues, and magnesium substitutes can resolve multiple other health issues. Turning to a magnesium spray can help you. However, many are apprehensive about anything that seems remotely chemical. Worry not because this guide covers everything you need to know about magnesium sprays. 

Why is Magnesium so important?

Magnesium is an important mineral in the body and has multiple functions in numerous biological processes. 

Nerve Function

Magnesium helps maintain specific tonicity crucial for the conduction of nerve impulses. Nerve impulses are electric and make use of ions in the body. 

A deficiency can leave one feeling tired and slow. It can impact responses to stimuli and overall muscle control. In severe cases, one can lose partial control over muscle movements. 

Blood Sugar Levels

Magnesium plays a vital role in how your body processes sugar. Blood sugar levels directly impact energy levels and weight. A deficiency can lead to one feeling exhausted. Weight loss or gain is also an effect of abnormal magnesium levels. Additionally, extended periods of low intake can leave one at risk of diabetes. 

Cardiac Health

Magnesium is essential for normal heart function. Abnormal levels can impact heart health and make contractions harder to sustain. Such conditions exert copious amounts of stress on the heart, leading to cardiac issues and heart arrhythmia. 

Muscle Health

Ions play a vital role in muscle contractions. Without a sufficient amount of Magnesium, muscle cramps, tingling and spasms are common. Long-term low intakes can result in permanent muscle damage.

What are Magnesium Oil Sprays?

Contrary to their name, Magnesium oil sprays do not contain any oil. These sprays are highly concentrated aqueous Magnesium chloride solutions with an oily appearance. These sprays are topical and carry little to no risk. Over-ingestion is only a concern with ingestible supplements in the pill form. 

Benefits of Magnesium Sprays

Magnesium ions play a crucial role in over 300 enzyme-mediated reactions in the body. While using a Magnesium spray, one can see improvements in skin, bone, and hair health. Moreover, you also feel more energised throughout the day. 

Magnesium sprays also guarantee better sleep quality and clearer skin after a good night’s sleep. Overall, a magnesium spray has a positive effect on almost every aspect of your general health. 

General Tips for Using Magnesium Sprays

Always Apply after Bath

Baths and showers are cleansing procedures that open the skin pores while removing residual dirt. Using your magnesium spray immediately after a bath ensures maximum product absorption, helping you make the most out of the product. 

Applying the spray right before sleeping helps the product settle in and work its magic over the night. 


The skin near the neck, behind the knees and the elbows are thin, allowing for better absorption. However, it is advisable to apply the spray everywhere. 


Some users feel tingly or itchy immediately after spray application. This bodily response is a sign of low magnesium amounts. Worry not because this is a natural response that is easy to manage. Always remember to massage the skin after application. Doing so will not only help the itch but also help in absorption. Additionally, the heat generated from friction will open the pores allowing for better Magnesium absorption.

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