Écrans Acoustiques: Harmonizing Workspaces with Sound Separation Solutions

Écrans Acoustiques: Harmonizing Workspaces with Sound Separation Solutions


In the orchestration of modern workspaces, where the hum of productivity meets the challenge of noise management, the term Écrans Acoustiques takes center stage. This article delves into the realm of acoustic separations, exploring the diverse solutions offered by The Acoustics Company to create harmonious and efficient office environments.

Acoustic Separations: Crafting Tranquil Workspaces

Embracing the ethos of quality and innovation, The Acoustics Company presents a comprehensive range of acoustic separation solutions designed to cater to the unique needs of contemporary offices. This array serves as an ideal choice for dividing office spaces while effectively mitigating noise-related challenges.

DeskTech – Portable Desk Divider: A Mobile Acoustic Solution

  • ALPHA Panels for Versatile Acoustic Dividers: The ALPHA series, available in 12 and 24mm options, is crafted from PET fiber sourced from recycled bottles. This sustainable choice offers flexibility in design and customization, aligning with modern workspace dynamics.
  • Freestanding Office Acoustic Screens: Stylish and Functional:
    • Style 1 – Soft Blue
    • Style 2 – Slate Gray

Style 3 – Sage

  • These freestanding office dividers, part of the ALPHA series, provide both aesthetic appeal and functional acoustic performance. The various styles cater to diverse preferences while maintaining consistent excellence in noise reduction.

Advantages of Acoustic Screens: Beyond Noise Reduction

Acoustic screens, including the popular Avalanche and the premium Flex series, extend their impact beyond mere noise reduction. The benefits include:

  • Enhanced Absorption Volume: Particularly crucial in open offices and commercial spaces, acoustic screens contribute to increased absorption, creating acoustically balanced environments.
  • Creation of New Spaces: Disrupting sound and line of sight, these screens facilitate the creation of new spaces and relaxation zones, especially beneficial in settings like hotel lounges and restaurants.
  • Privacy Improvement: Acoustic screens play a pivotal role in enhancing privacy, providing employees with a sense of personal space within the shared office environment.
  • Optimized Communication: The quality of phone calls and video conferencing is elevated, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication in the workspace.
  • Aesthetic and Practical Functions: These screens add absorption and interest to hard surfaces like glass and solid walls, contributing to both the visual aesthetics and practicality of the office design.
  • Adherence to Social Distancing Rules: In the evolving landscape of workspace dynamics, acoustic screens play a crucial role in implementing social distancing rules, contributing to a safer work environment.

Chameleon Wall Panels: Bridging Functionality and Design

Beyond standalone acoustic screens, The Acoustics Company introduces Chameleon wall panels, seamlessly integrating functionality with design finesse. These panels, often utilized as office acoustic screens, utilize a hanging rail system for versatile installations.

  • Main Characteristics of Chameleon Wall Panels:
    • Flexible and easy to install
    • Bespoke printed options with Alpha Print range
    • Designed to reduce reverberation and echo
    • 13 solid colors and 10 different models
    • Fiber-free, robust, and low-maintenance
    • Constructed from recycled plastic bottles
    • Direct online purchase from the UK manufacturer

Brand Spotlight: ALPHA Panels – A Sustainable Choice

The ALPHA series, forming the backbone of many acoustic solutions, stands out as a sustainable choice in the world of acoustic design. Key features include:

  • Sustainable Composition: Comprising 65% post-consumer recycled fiber, ALPHA panels are not just environmentally conscious but also can be 100% recycled.
  • Source of Recycled PET Fibers: The recycled PET fibers primarily originate from bottles and other PET products, ensuring a closed-loop system that promotes recycling.
  • Flame-Retardant and Oil-Free: The panels utilize flame-retardant, oil-free PET fibers, compressed, spun, punched, and baked to achieve the desired acoustic balance.
  • Diversity in Color and Thickness: With 20 colors and thickness options of 12/24mm, ALPHA panels offer a versatile palette for designers to create spaces that are both acoustically sound and visually appealing.

DeskTech Dividers: Enhancing Office Acoustics with Efficiency

Designed to absorb sound energy produced by desk users, DeskTech dividers stand as a quick and effective solution to elevate office acoustics. These dividers, manufactured from ALPHA PET sheets, offer complete design flexibility and customization, ensuring a seamless fit.

  • Design Options and Sizes:
    • Folding design: 525mm high x 590mm working width x 300mm return
  • Features and Benefits of DeskTech Dividers:
    • 20 color options
    • Suitable for areas with high reverberation times
    • Easy to store and versatile for creating spaces
    • Low maintenance and made from 65% recycled polyester
    • Lightweight yet durable, providing long-lasting performance

Conclusion: Creating Sonic Sanctuaries with Écrans Acoustiques

In the grand symphony of office design, Écrans Acoustiques emerge as virtuoso elements, harmonizing the cacophony of workplace sounds into a melodious composition. The diverse range of acoustic separation solutions from The Acoustics Company not only addresses the practical need for noise reduction but also contributes to the aesthetic and functional enhancement of modern workspaces.


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