Do Bags And Wallets Match All The Time?


The importance of association cannot be underestimated especially when you are talking about outfits and shoes, but also such things as bags, purses, and wallets. But the question is whether you should match your wallets and bags all the time and more specifically regarding the purse and the wallet?

For a studied look, match the woman’s handbag with the wallet

Every fashion enthusiast knows that it’s not only the outfit that should be looked into for a fancy look. Cardholders, wallets, and small bags should also be seriously considered. These are normally available in diverse materials, colors, and shapes and it’s just natural that you take these into account when deciding how to pair them. However, it can get better if you are dealing with a major brand that supplies bags, purses, and wallets of matching shapes and colors, so it gets easier for you to match them to your outfit.

How to match your wallet and purse

When matching your wallet and purse, there are varied considerations that you will have to take into account.

  • Consider the shapes: shoulder bag, satchel bag, and bucket bag.
  • Sizes: tote bags, medium, small and large handbags, wallets, and cardholders among others.
  • The patterns and colors: You can pair a colored or neutral bag and a wallet.
  • The material: You can match them by the material which they are made from. For instance, you can pair together leather, velvet, and other available materials.

If you can play with the above elements, you can manage to achieve many pairing combinations. You should exercise a high level of creativity since there is no defined way of doing this.

Mismatching a woman’s wallet and bags

Matching the same style, color, material, and shape of a woman’s bag and wallet offer a lot of possibilities, but that is not the whole of it. If you prefer to mismatch them, you can go that route and still look at your best.

Mismatching allows you freedom of choice

By wanting you to match all your wallets and bags regularly, you may end up creating unnecessary strain for yourself. You can let go of what many fashionistas think and live your life freely by mismatching your bags and wallets and still look admirable. Mix both the sizes, shapes, and colors to suit how you want.

Think about what is practical

Depending on the season, as well as the outfit, this may mean that you will have to transfer your stuff from one bag to another. This process can be hectic and time-consuming. If you can do the same with your car keys, credit card, bank documents, and more, you can be sure it will take time. If you have several bags. It helps to choose a wallet that is neutral, and which can go with every bag.


Matching your wallet and bags gives you the fancy look that you desire. However, there are many ways that you can use to achieve this and among them is looking at shapes, colors, and sizes. However, while matching has been what most people have gone for, it’s not everything. You can also mismatch and still achieve a great stylish look.

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