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A chocolate tempering machine: what is it?

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Using a chocolate tempering machine will result in a firm, lustrous end product by melting, de-crystallizing, and crystallising your chocolate. Untempered couverture chocolate melts readily and has a dingy finish.

A chocolate tempering machine is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, as well as in terms of features and cost. Some versions include automated stirring and continuous tempering, and they adjust the temperature for you according to the melting and working temperatures (set points) that you enter. Other tempering devices that simply heat (with no internal cooling) need seeding to temper your chocolate, and they only temper in batches as opposed to continuously.

Chocolate tempering may be done without tools, although it takes time and usually yields a tiny amount. Equipment for tempering chocolate, such as a tempering machine, is essential for individuals who do it frequently to manufacture confections. To manage this crucial component of creating high-quality confections with a shelf life, TCF Sales provides a wide selection of chocolate tempering equipment.

It is also possible to temper chocolate in a chocolate melter pan, such as one from Mol d’Art, but this requires expertise and practice, and it shouldn’t be mistaken with a tempering machine. These chocolate melters are widely used in confectionery and pastry schools across the globe to instruct students on how to deal with chocolate without destroying its properties and how to temper chocolate using the seeding method in a pan or on a countertop.

A tempering machine’s function is to completely melt the chocolate’s crystals, usually between 42 and 45 degrees Celsius, before bringing the temperature down to the working range. While an automatic continuous tempering machine cools your chocolate, allowing it to attain a temper and keep it, a semi-automatic tempering machine uses a seed to more swiftly drop the temperature of your chocolate to temper it.

What equipment do I need to microwave chocolate to temper it?

The best part about microwave tempering is how easy it is to do. To correctly temper chocolate in the microwave, you only need a few pieces of equipment. Links on this page are affiliate links.

  • A microwave-safe silicone or plastic dish for melting chocolate.
  • A metal or glass dish for the sowing technique
  • Water simmering pot for the seeding technique
  • Bench scraper; parchment paper; thermometer spatula

Which type of chocolate should I temper?

Two varieties of chocolate exist. There are two types of chocolate: genuine and synthetic. Reading the components is the only method to detect the difference. Real chocolate is identified as having cocoa butter in the components. For tempering, genuine chocolate is required.

Compound chocolate can be used to dip chocolates or to fill flexible silicone or plastic moulds, but it lacks the SNAP of genuine chocolate. Additionally, it won’t come out of a polycarbonate mould.

Additionally, compound chocolate melts at a temperature significantly greater than that of actual chocolate. When you bite into real chocolate, it melts at body temperature and dissolves on your tongue. Chomping is required for compound chocolate.

Callebaut semi-sweet callets are a favourite of mine. It’s not overly costly and just normal chocolate. This contains 36% cocoa butter and 54% cocoa solids. Chocolate will be thicker the higher the percentage of cocoa solids. White chocolate and milk chocolate both include dairy and sugar.

Let’s start tempering our chocolate now. Pick the technique that works best for you, however, I strongly advise you to give microwave tempering chocolate a shot!

Make cautious to break up a large chocolate bar into smaller pieces before melting it to prevent overheating and accidentally losing the temper of your chocolate.

If my chocolate heats up too much, what happens?

You can still temper chocolate using the seeding method if you accidentally get it too hot. Transfer the chocolate to a new bowl, whisk in some of the remaining, unmelted chocolate, and let cool to 97°F.

Application of tempered chocolate

Once the chocolate has been properly tempered, you may use it to create chocolate spheres using a mould, piping chocolate embellishments, and many other exciting things! You’ll be astonished at how much more you’ll utilise chocolate in your decorating after you learn how to temper chocolate.

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