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How to Leverage Digital Signage for your Hotel’s Marketing

Are you looking for a new marketing strategy to promote your hotel that works wonders? You are at the right place. Integrating Digital Signage in marketing has turned out to be one of the most successful marketing experiments. Businesses across all industries, especially the hospitality sector, are constantly innovating the use of digital signage.

With already plenty of digital signage installation services available, you can now have your own digital signage faster than ever. Finally, you can easily spread brand awareness, engage your audience… upscale your services, build customer loyalty, improve brand recall value, and do so much more. Here we have shared the most innovative and successful ideas in which you can use digital signage for marketing your hotel.

Ways to Use Digital Signage for Marketing your Hotel

Share your Brand Story

You can display a beautifully shot and edited showreel of your hotel and brand on digital signage. People visiting for the first time or people who don’t know about your brand will get to know about your brand. You can use the storytelling method to talk about your brand with your customers and spread brand awareness, and it is an effective way to get and hold their attention and engage them.

Win Your Customers’ Trust with User Reviews

One of the most important marketing purposes is to make your target audience & customers trust your brand. By showing user reviews on digital signage, you can win the trust of your customers easily. Because people are more likely to trust the words of the other people who have engaged and used your services. User reviews can also help your guests use recommendations on your recipes and hot spots they should tour.

Promote Your Hotel with Engaging Social Wall


Grabbing the attention of visitors and keeping them engaged in hotel lobbies and waiting areas is not easy. But a good solution for this is showing engaging social walls. Social media is very interactive, and people love it, so why not use social media content on your hotel digital signage.

Instead of displaying your brand’s social media content, you can show user-generated content on digital signage. It is a more engaging type of marketing content. Take the help of social media aggregator tools available in the market to create social walls. Taggbox is one of the top-rated UGC platforms that you can use. You can collect, present, and even analyze UGC with the help of Taggbox.

Presenting user-generated content on social walls on digital signage will help build brand authenticity.

Highlight Your Hotel’s Amenities and Hot Spots

When you are offering a lot of amenities, you should inform your visitors about it. You can display them on digital signage. They would love to know how they can get the best experience at your hotel.

If you have a large property with many attraction spots, you must show them on digital signage to spark the interest of your guests. For example, you have separate beach houses for guests, a secluded pool area with a bar, a club area, etc., then you can catch your visitors’ attention and entice them to explore your hotel’s attraction spots. It will create a unique brand identity for your hotel.

Flaunt the Events and Parties that You have Hosted

Hotels are a prime spot for hosting big events and parties. If you have hosted an event before, you can advertise it on your digital signage, and it will serve multiple marketing purposes at once. Promoting event videos and pictures will help you build brand value, invite guests to open events, spread awareness of your services and get more bookings.

Display Interactive Menu in Food Court Areas and Upsell


A printed menu is not enough to inform the guests much about the recipes and entice them to try new items. But you can create and display an engaging menu with pictures/videos of the food items along with additional information on ingredients at your food court or restaurant areas. It will also help you upsell your unique recipes.

Improve Recall Value of Your Hotel by Providing them Seamless Experience

Another marketing purpose of brands is to improve the recall value and build customer loyalty. You can do this for your hotel by providing a seamless experience with the use of digital signage. How? Let’s give you a few ideas.

  1. Show a 3D navigation model of your hotel and nearby exploration spots on digital signage. It will help your guests find their way around the hotel and nearby areas in the city.
  2. Share information about the transportation facilities to help guests easily reach their destination.
  3. Use digital signage to display exceptional digital artwork and make your lobbies visually appealing.
  4. Advertise holiday trip offers and tours. People never miss such information.
  5. Show how you partner and promote local communities/businesses. It will build your brand goodwill.

Start Planning to Integrate Digital Signage for Your Hotel’s Marketing

Your competitors are already leveraging this new marketing trend, then why are you staying behind? Use digital signage to promote your hotel’s services and grow your business.

After reading the points above, we hope you now have many creative ideas to start using digital signage for your hotel’s marketing.

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