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7 Stunning Shoulder Length Haircuts to Refresh Your Look


Once your hair has grown long enough to touch your shoulders, the decision of what to do with it may feel daunting. You can continue growing it out, or you can start over again with a new style. Regardless of what you choose to do with your shoulder-length hair, here are 7 stunning shoulder length haircuts that will refresh your look and give you some great ideas on how to style your hair.


1) The Lob

The lob is the perfect length for a layered haircut. It is long enough to be styled in a variety of ways and short enough that it can be easily styled without too much fuss. This hairstyle can also be cut into a bob and then layers created for added volume, or trimmed into a pixie cut. If you’re not sure what style would look best on you, visit your stylist for an assessment and consultation before starting any major hair overhauls.


2) The Bob

The classic bob is a timeless style that never goes out of fashion. A shoulder length bob can look chic and polished, or it can be styled to give your hair some volume. Regardless of how you wear it, the bob will always be flattering. To get a perfect shoulder length haircut, visit your stylist and have them cut your hair straight across at chin level. If you want layers, ask them for face-framing layers that start right below the ears.


3) The Pixie

A pixie cut is a short hairstyle that cuts the hair at or above the jawline, around 2 inches in length. This style is perfect for those who have round faces and are looking for a new look. The haircut can be styled in many ways, from an updo to a low side-parted ‘do. Just visit your local salon and get it done!


4) The Shag

The shag is one of the most popular shoulder length haircuts. It features layers that are short in the back and longer in the front for a bouncy, relaxed look. The shag works great on straight or curly hair and can be styled in a variety of ways. It’s a versatile haircut that will suit every occasion from casual to formal.


5) The Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is a classic style that has been around for decades. This easy haircut can be worn straight or curly, and is perfect for anyone looking for an updated look without investing too much time in their hair routine. The best part of this cut is that it only takes a couple minutes to style. Simply use a round brush, divide your hair into two sections, and take one half of your hair and pull it over the other.


6) The Mullet

A mullet is a style in which the hair on top of the head is long and styled up, while the hair at the back of the head is cut short. This haircut became popular in the 1970s due to its versatility as a business man’s haircut for wearing with a suit and tie, or as an all-purpose hairstyle that could be dressed up or down. It has come into fashion again recently.


7) The Afro

The mullet is a haircut that has been dated as early as the 1700s. It became popular in the 1980s with rock stars such as Billy Ray Cyrus, and today it is still a style that many people choose when they don’t know what else to do with their hair. The mullet combines short hair on the top of the head (mostly for men) and long hair on the back of the head (mostly for women). The sides are usually tapered close to a person’s face.

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