5 Ways to Get Rid of Distractions While Working at Home

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Remote work has become a reality for many people. Even those who don’t work remotely have to work from home every once in a while. A home office can be stressful.

Roommates, kids, and family can be distracting. Even if you live by yourself, it can be hard to get rid of distractions while working. That’s not good for productivity.

Here are five simple ways to remove distractions while working from home.

1. Unplugging

Turning off the WiFi will help remove distractions.

If you need an internet connection for work, obviously don’t do this.

When you really need to focus, try working offline if you can. Totally unplug your internet from the wall to remove distractions. Turn your phone on silent.

Likewise, make sure to unplug when you aren’t working.

If you spend your entire day on the computer, turn it off when you’re done with work. Don’t let yourself get distracted with work during your personal time.

Go for a walk or spend some time outside when you aren’t working.

Mentally unplugging is essential to productivity.

If you’re always thinking about work, you won’t actually be able to concentrate while working.

Your mind needs a break every once in a while.

2. Cannabis

A relaxed environment is essential for work.

If you’re stressed or uncomfortable, you won’t be able to work.

Excessive cannabis consumption will obviously get in the way of productivity. Microdosing can help you focus. Some strains of cannabis are specifically designed for helping you stay productive.

Here is a list of those marijuana strains.

While you aren’t working, cannabis can help you relax and unplug from work.

Your home is the safest place to consume marijuana. If you feel like you’re in a safe environment, you’re less likely to experience a bad high.

Other cannabis products can help you relax.

CBD products don’t contain THC. IT’s impossible to get high by taking them.

Scientific studies have proven that cannabis can help decrease anxiety and increase productivity.

You deserve to relax a bit.

3. Music

Noise can be a huge distraction.

Even if you live in a quiet area, noises will come up.

Maybe your neighbor has a loud dog. Nearby construction is one of the most annoying things about home office. Kids can be loud and annoying.

Music is a great way to help you focus and tune things out.

If you work from home, invest in a good set of noise canceling headphones. They will adjust their volume to the noise level around you.

Listen to music that motivates or relaxes you. This is different for everyone.

Create a work playlist that you know will help you focus. Or make different playlists for each project.

Music can enable you to create a unique headspace for work.

4. Take Breaks

We all need breaks.

Even if you aren’t hungry or don’t need coffee, give yourself regular breaks.

Sitting for extended periods isn’t healthy for your body. Staring at a computer screen for hours is hard on your eyes.

Stand up every fifteen to twenty minutes and stretch.

Here are some other ideas of things to do during your break.

Maybe go for a walk or do some stretches. The important thing is to get your mind off of work.

Studies have shown that frequent short breaks improve productivity.

Just make sure you stay disciplined with your timing. There’s not going to be anyone at home to remind you to get back to work.

Set a timer to remind you to get back to work.

Be flexible with your breaks. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, go ahead and take a break.

Or if the sun is only shining for another hour, take advantage of it.

5. Create Barriers

It’s possible to create barriers even in a small apartment.

Set up a space only for work. Don’t work in bed or at the kitchen table.

Likewise, create a space uniquely for relaxing. It can be as small as a rug or a spot on your couch.

You need mental as well as physical barriers.


Remote work has many advantages, but it can be hard to stay focused. Follow these tips for a healthy work-life balance at home.

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