Umrah 2024 Guidelines

Who is allowed to do Umrah 2024?


Umrah is a lesser pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca. It’s a non-obligatory act; Muslims can perform it as often as possible in their lifetime. There is no limit to that. The Umrah pilgrimage can become essential as it is the act and journey to get closer to Allah (SWT). 

It involves a series of rituals in Masjid al-Haram, the sacred place in Islam. Umrah offers an opportunity for the renewal of faith and to seek forgiveness. Muslims worldwide worship one ALLAH in His house, the Holy Kaaba.

The Holy Kaaba in Mecca draws Muslims from all over the world with the opportunity to participate in the spiritual pilgrimage of Hajj and Umrah. With the beginning year of 2024, more of us are excited to acknowledge the latest guidelines and availability of Umrah Packages 2024 for travelling on this transforming experience. Let’s see some more details about Umrah in 2024 for Muslims.

Only the Islam’s followers are allowed: 

Umrah is exclusively for Muslims. To undertake this sacred journey, you must profess sincere faith in Islam and follow its commands. You should know that Mecca is the holy place where only the Muslims are allowed. Non-Muslims aren’t allowed there.

Age limit for Umrah in 2024:

There is no minimum age limit to perform Umrah, as Muslims of all ages can conduct Umrah at any age. Children must be accompanied by their guardians to perform Umrah. In Islam, there’s no age restriction to complete Umrah, but the Saudi government changes its policies occasionally. In 2024, Umrah has no restrictions on travel.

Visa regulations:

Obtaining a valid visa is mandatory to travel for pilgrimage. Visa types and their eligibility vary depending on nationality, so thorough research is essential. Ensure your passport is correct and the necessary documents are in order before applying. Can you travel without an official visa?

Mahram’s rule: 

There is no Mahram rule for Umrah in 2024. Muslims can travel solo, in groups, with family, individually, or with friends. Even though solo female pilgrims can travel for minor pilgrimages, check out the Saudi government’s Umrah policies from official sources.

Financial ability: 

Do you have enough budget and finances for Umrah? It requires planning and preparation, so you should have the financial ability to travel to travel. You may also need finances in the Umrah environment, such as shopping and trying local cuisines. Performing Umrah involves travel, accommodation, and other expenses. Ensure you have sufficient financial resources to cover your pilgrimage journey comfortably.

Physical Fitness: 

When you are physically fit, you can go on a pilgrimage. Physical fitness also includes your health considerations. There are some restrictions on health issues for pilgrims for travelling. Make sure to consult with a doctor. While age limitations are flexible, Umrah necessitates physical stamina for circumambulation, standing, and walking. Assess your fitness level beforehand and inform your concerned travel agency/agent (such as Labbaik Hajj Umrah) of medical concerns.

Looking Beyond Eligibility Criteria: 

Most importantly, you are eligible for the Umrah. Follow the eligibility criteria for lesser pilgrimage, and then you will allowed. You must follow the airline’s rules, your accommodation in the holy cities, Saudi authorities, etc. 


In conclusion, going on the holy journey of Umrah in 2024 offers a transformative chance for Muslims worldwide. With broader accessibility and eased restrictions, pilgrims must adhere to religious obligations, visa regulations, and practical considerations. 

Embracing the pilgrimage with honesty, preparation, and respect fosters a spiritual experience, leading to renewed faith and profound connections with Allah. Let us approach Umrah with humility, gratitude, and a steadfast commitment to spiritual growth.

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