Use of technology and its different side effects on men’s health


Technology is playing a major role in our lives these days. It is providing a lot of positive impacts on our lives. As we get more addicted to using unfortunately though there is some degrading nature of problems that technology is upbringing in our health.

In this article, we are focusing on those problems that technology brings up in our lives. Yes,technology can indeed affect our physical, psychological, social, and emotional life and change them in certain ways.

Certainly, if we are logical enough with the proper reason it is also playing a dominant downgrading role to a few patients who are using pills like Vidalista and Cenforce 150 mg.

Here are a few ways by which we tend to suffer from the increasing use of technology in our lives.


Technology may feel like providing us the opportunity of being connected with our near and dear ones throughout the day or night but it is making us distant all the more.

If you think carefully you will find that technology is making us self-isolated talking from a social perspective of life.

As human creatures, we have this inborn tendency to socialize with similar beings and remain as groups in society. But technologies such as mobiles or laptops with social media apps tend to break this social bond.

These days we would prefer to chat over the phone via WhatsApp messages rather than meeting or conversing face to face.

Upbringing depression and anxiety

The above-mentioned point does indeed play a role here. it is true that as our lives become all the more isolated we tend to suffer from anxiety and depression. The reason is the all the more same as we are just like other animals in nature who would like to live based on social bonding.

Due to the influence of technology, we tend to forget to spend time with our friends and family and this is also a reason to trigger psychological problems like anxiety and depression.

Sometimes we even hear news about the youth being the worst affected by these due to the high influence of technology and social media from a young age and committing the gravest act of suicide.

Not being able to relieve stress

Technology does not make us relieve stress while most of us might feel the opposite of it. Of course, you love to watch your favorite webseries on your Netflix but this is not the ideal way of relieving stress.

Rather over time, people tend to become more stress-bound. You see as social animals it is only when we share our thoughts, emotions, and feeling with others that we tend to find relief. But with the use of technology, we are rarely able to do so. You see nothing can replace the human bond of congregating with each other and being able to share thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

An enormous amount of strain our eyes

Without a doubt, it needs to be said a majority of the people reading this article right now on smartphone screens or laptop screens have their reading glasses put on. Even with all the advancement of technology the screens of all light-emitting technologies do produce enough harmful rays that come to our eyes.

It causes damage to the coronary muscles, retina, and others. The wide acceptance of technology and the use of laptops and desktops for mostly all work means that you have to sit in front of such light gloaring screens for hours at a stretch and this is what brings about various problems like myopia, hypermetropia in our eye vision. Even worst it can sometimes lead to color blindness or even blindness.

The general tendency of growing inactivity

With the help of technology, we have everything assisted by technology. And this means little physical activity. You can realize that the kids these days are far more inactive than what their earlier generations used to be. You don’t have to walk to your office as you have your car right?

Due to inactiveness, there is a general lack of creativity in children and teens these days with lots of disorders such as obesity, weight gain, digestive problems cropping up at a very early stage.

Sleeping problems

Scrolling through your smartphone at night has become one of our favorite past times. And in doing so we don’t even recognize when it is already late at night. But then we are not able to doze off.

If you experience similar problems this means that technology is also starting to toy around and disrupt your sleeping routines.

Suffering from obesity and weight gain

Due to general inactivity, we are also suffering from obesity and weight gain. And this leads to various other complexities in our lives such as suffering from cardiac problems, high blood pressure, etc having to check Kamagra Oral Jelly Price from online websites such as

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