Launch your music career with a BMus Hons in Commercial Music Technology

Unleash Your Musical Potential: BMus (Hons) Commercial Music Technology Overview

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Do you want a successful music career but don’t know where to start? 

A Bachelor of Music or BMus (Hons) Commercial Music degree in music can be the answer.

You may wonder, a degree in music?

Beyonce needed no degree! Yes, it’s true, that a major portion of music talent may not require a music degree, however, the likes of Charlie Puth can be something worth considering.

Puth is infamous for his hit songs ‘See You Again’ “We Don’t Talk Anymore’ ‘Attention’ and several other stints. He is currently in partnership with Atlantic Records and is now a household name within the music industry.

Charlie Puth holds a bachelor’s degree in music and engineering and his alma mater has openly credited the training he received in his music degree as the reason for his technical soundness and success.

If you would like to know more about what a bmus hons music degree is, then read on.

In this article, you can learn about what this music degree is, how you can enrol on an honour’s degree and what an honours degree in music can teach you about commercial music production.

What is a BMus Hons Music Degree?

The Bachelor of Music (BMus) or Honors Degree in Music (Hons) is an undergraduate programme designed for students who have just passed out of high school or those who wish to sharpen their music skills.

Who can apply for bmus hons degrees:

  1. High school graduates
  2. Graduate students with work experience in music
  3. Professionals with over two years of experience
  4. Musicians
  5. Aspiring sound engineers

Most reputed colleges accept students based on their portfolio and previous work.

Furthermore, if you are a high school student who wishes to learn music, then the BMus Hons Music degree can last four years for you as it would include the foundational year.

If you are a professional with over two years of experience and wish to join a BMus Hons degree, you may obtain an exemption from the foundational year and second year of the 4-year honours degree.

Why enrol on a BMus Hons degree?

 When you produce music for commercial purposes, there are factors like technical soundness, clarity, market research, customer behaviour and client demands that you may need to meet.

You may even need to understand the best tools and technology that can assist you in creating record breakers.

A BMus Hons degree is best suited for this purpose as you would be trained in commercial music production and can have a strong foot in the door for your career’s success.

What are the eligibility criteria for BMus degrees?

A point to note here is that requirements may vary for different music schools.

  • Some education providers may even ask you for a statement of purpose to understand your motive.
  • Other institutes may be required to produce a valid certificate of expertise in playing a musical instrument.
  • Other institutes may require other checkups and certificates to admit you into the BMus Hons degree in Music.

In Conclusion, a bachelor’s degree in music can be your launch into success as it provides a structured and efficient method of learning industry knowledge. After all, who knows? You could even be the next Charlie Puth. Why not enrol on a BMus today?

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