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A tattoo speaks volumes about the person wearing it. If you’re looking to add some ink to your body, why not consider a gun tattoo? A gun tattoo shows that you’re not afraid to stand up for what you believe in and that you’re ready to fight when the time comes. The use of guns has been prominent throughout American history, so now might be the right time to show your patriotism with one of these five gun tattoos for men.

The Male Chest

One popular area of skin to get tattooed is on a man’s chest. Whether they are small and simple or large and graphic, tattoos on a man’s chest draw attention to his overall look as well as adding another layer of personalization. Tattoos that match their partner’s look, or coordinate with a symbol that represents their love can be meaningful choices; consider something relating to one another, an element of their relationship, or your shared passions. Women have had great success with sleeve tattoos covering both sides of their bodies; why not try your hand at creating something similarly stunning? The best part about working on your upper body is there’s no need to lift anything off!

The Forearm

The next time you’re gazing at a forearm tattoo, remember that it was once illegal to do so in America. Back in ye olden times, people could be arrested or worse for having tattoos. Of course, society has changed quite a bit since then. Today, getting ink is pretty commonplace—though it still sparks some controversy in corporate circles and a few other conservative settings. For an idea of how things have changed over time, check out these historically famous forearm tattoos: Harry Truman (U.S.

Shoulder Blade

The shoulder blade is a bit of an unusual tattoo placement, but it makes sense if you think about it. It’s just so much more visible than anything else, says tattoo artist Yordy Sarraf at Eternal Tattoos in Toronto. Any other part of your body will end up covering it up or seeing it less. It’s also quite large, which means there’s room to really let loose with your creativity. You can do anything on [the shoulder], and people will still love it. Unlike other spots where tattoos are typically placed, like arms and legs, tats on your back are difficult to conceal—making them ideal if you want a tattoo that’ll be tough to cover up. gun tattoos

Sleeve Ideas

If you’re looking to cover up a lot of real estate, a sleeve tattoo may be right for you. This artistic decision can be quite intimidating and painful—think full arm bands on either side—but it’s an investment that will ultimately pay off as you won’t need to get any more work done in that area again. Sleeve tattoos are also great because they can incorporate different elements and symbols that represent something personal to you, whether it be your family, religion or anything else that is important to you. If you do choose to go with a sleeve tattoo, make sure you get some solid advice from your artist about what will look good based on your body type and coloring.

Upper Arm Piece

As a man, choosing to add a tattoo to your upper arm can be exciting. Not only does it mean you’re taking a big step towards adulthood, but also that you have some seriously creative skills. There are tons of different types of tattoos that are perfect for getting inked on your bicep or forearm, but if you don’t know where to start then here’s what we recommend: either going with a classic like religious imagery (because let’s face it, those kinds of images look great in almost any type of design) or even just a simple tribal-inspired piece with bold lines and vibrant colors.

Lower Arm Pieces

No other place on a man’s body gets as much attention as his arms. The biceps and triceps (that’s Latin for muscles of the upper arm,) are front and center when shirtless, and both have a great many muscles to choose from when deciding what kind of piece you want to get. If you know exactly what you want, a bicep or tricep tattoo is going to work well with nearly any style of art. But if you’re looking for something more unique, that might be tough; in fact, there are only so many ways you can go about it.

Neck Designs

Tattoos on a man’s neck are usually large, but intricate; it’s a known fact that women love to stare at their lover’s neck and it would be a shame if you had one of those cheesy tribal tattoos from middle school covering up your sexy skin. Instead, look into getting a detailed tribal tattoo that looks like actual artwork; there are plenty of artists who can make any sort of design appear amazing. And you don’t have to stop with traditional black designs; if you want, you can get something like an eagle or your favorite pet memorialized forever on your body! Just remember: Make sure whatever design you choose will stand out in any light and is big enough so everyone can see it.

Leg Tattoos

Popular, masculine leg tattoos can be an amazing addition to any guy’s look. Examples of great leg tattoo designs include tribal art, portraits, and animal imagery—you name it! Keep in mind that you may find yourself worried about negative reactions or assumptions in professional or conservative settings when it comes to your sleeve tattoos. If you’re in a more professional environment, it may be better to stick with something more subtle on one arm or avoid large pieces altogether. Many people also consider smaller tattoos less painful overall than larger pieces since they require fewer treatments and don’t take as long to heal up. This can make them appealing options if you have a busy schedule!

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