Reason Behind Increased Anxiety Among Students

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Anxiety has become a problem these days, which is not very uncommon to even busy students in their academic and professional lives. One of the reasons behind this feeling is the fast-evolving world and gradually increased expectations from peers. 

We all had gone through the phases where we had felt intense Anxiety, especially when we were not even aware of what exactly Anxiety is and other essential facts and information about the situation. 

This problem has become more severe in recent years because of the pandemic and increasing competition. Every year in an exam like the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test, around 15 to 17 Lakh students apply for the about 1 lakh MBBS seats available in the government and private colleges in India. 

The numbers alone are enough to make students with potential nervous. When it reaches its extreme, this nervousness sometimes causes students to feel Anxiety. This article will discuss how modern technology has helped students realize what they are going through and thus have helped them come out of the situation in a most effective manner. But first, let’s take you all deep down to why students face these problems?

Reasons Behind Anxiety Issue Among Students

We will deal with some of the primary reasons that can be potential at causing such problems for the students.

 Increased Competition 

With more students’ access to quality education, overall results have improved for students in the same age group. While this is a progressive thing for the country, it can also be pressurizing for Individual students facing the competition and dealing with the expectations with rising with every result from them. 

 Most of the students also take this competition positively to prove their potential to the world and their peers. They work hard for better grades even after achieving something significant in their academic exams. It all becomes crucial for the student, which also pressures him to work harder every time. But, there are times when even hard work fails, which become the most difficult for an individual student to handle. They might face anxiety problems at that very time. 

 Financial Stress

It is one of the most prominent reasons behind humans facing anxiety problems. People need to earn a living, and after having a family, this need grows. People try out every possible way to provide their family members with a better life. That also makes them feel Anxiety sometimes when any situation arises, for Example, Job losses during the pandemic.

 Watching their parents stressed about financial conditions, no matter how hard parents try to hide actuality from their school-going students, is not something they can hide for long. It makes individual students also stressed about the current financial condition of their family and even get Anxiety when thinking of continuing their education. 

 By giving out these two popular reasons for Anxiety, we try to help readers understand what builds a situation where students also start facing these challenges. Earlier, people thought of these problems as of no importance and often ignored them, but now a silent pandemic of depression is causing severe problems for students. Thus, experts believe that it is the right time when people should talk about this in detail and do something to help children face it. 

 Technology Emerging as Help 

With the help of ERP and LMS, ERP full form is Enterprise resource planning, and LMS full form is a learning management system. Now, schools and other educational institutes are providing students a special section on these portals where students can share their problems with student counselors assigned to make things easy and secretive for students. It is definitely a welcome move, as this will help students share their problems with professionals and thus maintain their privacy. 

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