List of 8 Open Source Social Network Projects from OSC 


Are you in search of some well-working and authentic Open Source Social Network Projects? Well, you are at the right place here we have a List of 8 Open Source Social Network Projects from OSC. Open-source social network projects are collaborative ventures that attempt to develop social networking sites with open and free access codes. 

These projects for Open source collection encourage developers and collaborators from all parts of the world to work with each other, contributing their skills in order to develop open and inclusive online communities. The core of these projects is to ensure a basic framework for social networking that does not belong under the hand control of one entity, promoting creativity, innovation, and customization. 

Do you want to adopt the open-source approach? Well, these initiatives enable users and developers to access the code of this platform in order to analyze it, and make changes or improvements so that transparency is maintained as well. So, check this list and choose your favorite project

Top 8 Open Source Social Network Projects from OSC- That will Enhance your Coding Skills



Think about accessing your own personal memo hub that you can do yourself on your computer. It’s super light, so it doesn’t slow your system down; and you can use it absolutely free for the rest of your life as well because they are open source. It only takes you seconds to set it up using Docker, a tool that ensures things are smooth and run smoothly. Plus, it also works with Markdown – an easy method of formatting text. The best thing is that you can personalize it so much making it special, and share your memos with anyone. It’s like having your own private space for ideas and notes under total control .


Lenstube is something like a unique video-sharing social media where everything works differently. It’s not governed from one location – it is decentralized! It means it has been developed using something stylish in the line of Lens Protocol hence its uniqueness. If you ever want to talk about features, get your ideas across or require assistance with something feel free at any time visit our community on Discord. Treat it like a center for debates. Lenstube uses a tool called Yarn to keep things organized, kind of like having a manager for all the different parts. And guess what? Lenstube is the one-stop shop for all your video sharing needs with some exciting packages and apps included.


Friendica is a platform for decentralised communications which combines social communication. We are connected with independent social projects and corporate services. Our mission is to liberate friends, families and colleagues from data-harvesting corporations; we want social communication to be free and open flowing between any provider as easily as with email. Friendica helps you to get in touch with a federated communications network of thousands servers without any efforts – the number of user registrations is more than half million.

Social Network

This Web app project is an open source tiny social network by OSC. It has a wide variety of cool features! You can post, comment and even respond to them. Look at who likes your posts, comments and replies – you are in a cheer group for your content. You can follow or stop following them if you want. Update your profile information with an easy update tool. If you are looking for a particular person, search the users to locate them promptly. Want to give a shoutout? Tag individual people in your posts and comments using an easy-to use autocomplete feature.


Meet the website that is created by using PHP – KLiK is a cool Social Media Website. It is almost like your very own home base from which to share and connect. It is very easy to join this community with a full Login/Registration system. As soon as you decide to join, there is an individualized User Profile system where one can display oneself interests and character. But wait, there’s more! Jump into the Chat room to chat in real-time or jump into discussions from forum system.

MERN Social Network

Imagine a super-cool social media application . This is developed using the MERN stack! This means it has all the important stuff – user authentication (so your account is safe), profiles to browse, and you can post things and comment on them. In addition, there is also a cool feature of being able to follow or unfollow other users. But that’s not all! Now, you can also photos to share even more cool stuffs. And now the fun part – you can log in with your favorite social media accounts such as Facebook, Google or Twitter. This is like making it easier to reach out to your friends!


DWITRI is a social networking Site created by using Codeigniter (PHP) allows you to create your own social networking site. With this script, you can create a great site that meets your style. This is the magic in it that despite being made using Codeigniter HMVC concept, you can easily and effortlessly update this script or understand how the code has been written. Imagine it like having your toolkit to build a wonderful place on the Internet where people can get in touch, communicate their ideas and have fun together.

Facebook Clone

Well, you know what? there isn’t a complete open-source Facebook clone that mimics all of its features and functions exactly. However, this open-source social networking site is a frameworks that can be used as a base for creating your own platform of web 20 SNS, some developer modified these tools to create Facebook clones. Creating a full-featured clone of Facebook is not easy due to various hardware and software difficulties, questions about security issues together with scaling, as well as privacy. Also, the legal and ethical implications of cloning a platform such as Facebook need to be addressed.

Wrap up

So, if you are willing to adopt career in social networking development open source projects are the easiest way to do so. You can find many free open-source social networking projects at many sites such as Github, GitLab or others. But if you are looking for a brilliant web based project then you must have to visit Open Source Collection. Here you will find amazing web-based open source projects in different categories.

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