Island Hopping In Style BVI Catamaran Charter Adventures


Now that you’ve decided to book your ideal holiday, a crewed yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands, you can relax in style while seeing one of the Caribbean’s most stunning and exciting locations.  

But as you’re about to discover, not even the most well-plotted charters are immune to unforeseen twists and turns. Your vacation might be ruined by things from overly optimistic expectations to poorly planned meals to unforeseen expenses. 

Making the most educated decisions at the time of booking can fortunately prevent most of these problems. To receive the finest advice on reserving the best charter for you, speak with some members of the BVI Charter Yacht Society.  

These crew members have seen it all in their numerous years of experience as charters. Sit back and unwind and enjoy the natural splendor, adventure, and luxury of a BVI cruise while avoiding some frequent traps. But what do BVI Catamaran charters bring? Let’s discuss it further 

BVI’s Catamaran Charter

The British Virgin Islands were historically home to owner-operators and charter concepts known as catamarans. While sailing catamarans were originally 40 feet long, that number increased to 50 feet in the 2010s, and by the 2020s, it will have risen to 70 feet or more.  


As a result, if you’re planning a large group luxury charter holiday in the British Virgin Islands, this is a better (more roomy) and safer (protected from trade winds) alternative. In addition, if you are planning on visiting any of the fifty islands dotting the beautiful Caribbean Seas for a big party, you’re advised against bareboat charters in favor of crewed yachts. 


The abundance of islands and anchorages surrounding the British Virgin Islands makes a crewed catamaran the ideal vessel for navigating them. The soggy dollar bar and the Indians (white dunes) are two places that motor yachts can’t reach, but you can reach them by taking advantage of your boat’s shallow draft.  


As you set sail on your sailing trip with a skipper by your side, you’ll be able to explore the BVI’s best-kept secrets, relax in quiet bays, and learn about diving sites like The Wreck of the Rhone, which has breathtaking coral reefs.  

  1. Shop Around for the Best Brokers

Before making a reservation with a broker for a crewed yacht rental in the Caribbean, conducting some research is wise. Stay away from large, generic websites that feature hundreds of ships and people. The most significant way to locate the ideal boat for your specific needs and to get fantastic prices on excursions is to work with an individual charter yacht broker, such as a member of the Charter Yacht Brokers Association.   

Read reviews, get recommendations, and verify references. Over the years, many brokers have become friends with the personnel they hire aboard the BVI catamaran charter. When choosing a crew and vessel, these brokers are your best bet for a positive and secure experience. Make sure to inform them! 

  1. Learn About the Team

You should still make an effort to get to understand the crew, even if you are confident in the boat and crew you have chosen, after extensive study, consulting with specialists, and hours spent online. Inquiring about the captain, cook, deckhands, stewardesses, and all the other crew members who will be in charge of ensuring your fantastic charter may provide you with valuable insight into their backgrounds, skills, and personalities 5 Ways to Share Files with Your Team While Working from Home.   

  1. Getting there 

 Although there are no nonstop flights from the United States to Tortola, the capital of the British Virgin Islands, it is still possible to reach the BVI easily via connections from Puerto Rico, Antigua, St. Martin, or St. Thomas. Having said that. St. Thomas is the most common entry point for US vacationers because of the convenience of the short boat voyage to the British Virgin Islands.   

  1. Instructions for hiring the boat

Finding, comparing, and reserving the ideal boat has never been easier than with a simplified method. Either use the search engine or tell the professionals what kind of boat you’re after, and they will perform the rest.  

 High-End BVI Catamaran Charter Yacht Rental  

Things to Do. Beautiful scenery is abundant in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), perfect for a day trip or a swim from a luxury yacht rental. While chartering a luxury boat in the British Virgin Islands, these are some of the top destinations to see. 


Cooper Island is a beautiful island in Manchioneel Bay that offers excellent anchorages and a variety of fun things to do at the Cooper Island Beach Club. 


Great spots to moor on Virgin Gorda Island include the North Sound, Leverick Bay, the Virgin Gorda Baths, and the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour. Two excellent eateries are Coco Maya and Snapper’s Bar & Grill. 


On Anegada Island, you may enjoy local cuisine and drinks at Loblolly Bay, Cow Wreck Beach Bar, and Big Bamboo. 

Chartering a Luxury Yacht Affect Your Life? 

 BVI Charters.  

 Chartering a luxury boat is the perfect option for those who like to explore the British Virgin Islands at their leisure. These charters have a lot of leeway and direction, and the crew can take on a wide range of responsibilities.  


The epitome of opulence and five-star accommodations await you aboard a luxury charter while you tour and discover a nation. A wide variety of catamarans, monohulls, bareboats, and crewed luxury yachts are available for hire.  


The British Virgin Islands are perfect for a luxury yacht rental if you want to see many places. When you book this kind of charter, the crew will do all the cooking, and cleaning. Guests on a luxury BVI boat rental are free to request as many crew members as they like.  


In the end! 

 Make sure to provide some wiggle room in your schedule so you don’t burn yourself out. You never know when your captain could provide advice you’ve never considered. An unforgettable crewed cruise in the British Virgin Islands is more than simply a holiday. Your charter may be unforgettable in every aspect if you, your broker, and the crew communicate well and plan. 


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