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How the Alienware Aurora measures up against the Google Pixelbook

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Google Pixelbook boasts the best hardware and software of any Chromebook ever made, but it isn’t the only powerful Chromebook on the market. The new Alienware Aurora 2019 offers comparable performance and battery life at a lower price, so it can appeal to both professionals and gamers alike who want to upgrade from their laptop or desktop’s default operating system. To see how these two devices stack up against each other, let’s compare them in terms of key specifications as well as user reviews from around the web.

Things we love about the MacBook Pro

Retina display, Touch Bar, and a great-looking design. Things we don’t: High price tag and battery life that could be better. The new Chromebook is an excellent alternative to MacBooks when it comes to price: Starting at $999 ($1,649 as configured), it’s cheaper than even last year’s base 13-inch MacBook Pro model. And that’s just for entry-level configurations.

Things we like less about the MacBook Pro

The new butterfly keyboard is good enough to type on, but it’s not our favorite. The more we used it, though, we came to appreciate its accuracy and responsiveness. Still, many people prefer mechanical keyboards for gaming and everyday use of google pixelbook. The trackpad on Apple’s newest laptops is solid as well, but again it’s a little different from what we’re used to—it doesn’t click when you tap down as other computers do.

Apple vs. Microsoft

Which company offers a better laptop experience? The answer is subjective, but as far as our side-by-side comparison of Apple’s Macbook Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 goes, it was clear to us that both offer an impressive computing experience. But with a base price of $999 for its latest model, the MacBook Pro underwhelms in comparison to both Apple’s own 12-inch MacBook and Microsoft’s Surface Book 2.

Round 1 – Design

When it comes to design, there’s not much that separates these two. Both are super-thin, have similar sleek aesthetics, and feature thin bezels. The real deciding factor between these is whether you prefer a solid hinge or not—Aurora has a solid hinge while Google Pixelbook 12in uses a flex-hinge that folds all the way around for tablet mode.

Round 2 – Battery Life

The reality is that most consumers don’t need 10+ hours of battery life. Most consumers want, at most, a half-day of battery life so they can get through their workday (8 hours) and have some juice left for a movie on their commute home. The truth is that if you can’t fit your daily routine into 8 hours, then you probably need to re-prioritize.

Round 3 – Input Devices

You will write a review about a computer device that is currently on sale. This could be a specific laptop, desktop, or peripheral. It should be based on your research of that product and it should have at least 500 words. Please do not copy someone else’s content in any way. You can find that information online if you need to use it but try to write your own thoughts and feelings as best you can. Use our Writing Prompt section below for ideas on how to complete this task properly.

Round 4 – Software Selection (Google vs Apple)

The Chromebook also boasts compatibility with Android and iOS apps avple, even if it is a bit less polished in that regard. This is an important differentiator for many people, as it means you can use your Chromebook with most of your daily needs covered: web browsing, email, social media, video streaming, and everything else. If you’re an Apple user and committed to living in the walled garden that Cupertino has built around its ecosystem, then there’s not much point in considering a MacBook Air.

Round 5 – Price

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Final Thoughts – Who Wins?

The Alienware Aurora is not an affordable gaming laptop by any stretch of the imagination. The starting price of $1,999 is a hefty sum for those looking to get their first gaming laptop. On top of that, you need to invest at least $800 in additional components to make it functional. If you’re serious about getting into PC gaming, we recommend buying a desktop instead. It will be cheaper and more powerful than anything you can buy with your budget.

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