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How Much Does It Cost to Hire React Native App Developers?


When we look around in the app development market, we see two major frameworks ruling the landscape. This is React Native and Flutter. However, 700,000+ app developers prefer React Native app development services, as per GitHub. 

Does this mean hiring React Native developers will be expensive? Well, an average React Native app developer may charge between $18-$100 per hour based on your app project requirement, the location of the app developer, and the experience the developer own. 

This blog post gives you a brief overview of the cost of hiring React Native app developers

Why is there a huge popularity of React Native Framework? 

Whether you are building an application or a website, React Native being an open-source UI tool runs faster due to it hot reloading functionality and uses limited code as it provides single code-base facility to developers who leverage this feature to develop apps for both iOS and Android at the same time. 

Another reason why React Native app development is so popular is its high-quality app performance, stability and its use of native components. Additionally, the framework collects 9,100 contributors in 2022. 

Before knowing the cost of React Native developers, let’s first know the factors that can affect the cost of hiring React Native app developers. 

Top Factors Affecting the Cost of React Native

Let’s now talk about each of the major factors and how hiring React Native developers for your dream project influences the price.

1. App Category

React Native may be used to develop a wide range of app kinds, such as chat, entertainment, on-demand, news, utility, and lifestyle applications.

Every kind of application has a unique feature set and set of business needs. Consequently, the total cost of developing a React Native app differs depending on the type of project.

For instance, solitary apps like calculators or clocks would cost less from React Native developers than feature-rich programs like Walmart, Instagram, or completely customized apps.

2. The App’s Complexity

The cost of hiring React Native app developers is also influenced by the total complexity of the mobile app development project. The creation of a mobile application might take anything from one week to six months or longer.

The cost of hiring a developer is significantly lower for basic applications or MVP development than for big programs that require the integration of several features and upgrades.

Apps are typically categorized into three tiers by developers and mobile app development companies: Low, Medium, and High Complexity.

The following important variables are taken into account while determining the difficulty level:

  • Admin panel development 
  • Integration of third-party plugins or apps 
  • Deployment architectural model
  •  Combining in-app purchases 
  • Using the built-in capabilities and functions of the device 
  • Integration of enterprise or legacy systems
  • User authorization 
  • Hardware dependence

3. App Design

An excellently designed app is essential to staying one step ahead of your rivals in today’s customer-driven environment. The total cost of app design is determined by how many screens your application needs. Be prepared to spend extra if your program has intricate UI designs on the majority of its displays.

The good news is that you just need to create a single application for any platform you wish to target because React Native is a cross-platform mobile app development framework.

Consequently, compared to native apps, the total cost of building React Native apps is significantly lower.

4. The developer’s experience and expertise

The entire cost of development is greatly influenced by the experience and knowledge of React Native developers.

Developers are often divided into three groups based on their level of expertise: Junior, Middle, and Senior React Native developers.

Because of their exceptional technical expertise and previous vast experience working on live projects, experienced developers charge extra.

To ascertain the degree of experience you require, examine the particulars of your project.

5. Developer’s location

There are significant regional differences in the hourly pay of React Native engineers. Expect to spend extra if you decide to recruit someone from a country with relatively high living standards, like the USA or Australia.

For this reason, outsourcing development to developers in areas with less labor costs could be a financially advantageous option for you if you’re located in one of these nations.

Many businesses worldwide choose India as their preferred location for outsourcing development in order to cut expenses.

Now, How much does it cost to hire react native app developers? Let’s find it out. 

Costs of Hiring React Native Developers

To put it straightforward, Hiring a React Native developer depends upon the location specifically. Here’s top 5 locations along with developers costs:

  • India: $18-$40 per hour
  • Russia: $25-$45 per hour
  • South America: $30-$50 per her 
  • Australia: $60-$95 per hour
  • North America: $100-$150 per hour

And if we also talk about app developers expertise, an experienced React Native app developers can charge between $98,000 to 176,000 as per projects length and feature add-ons. 

However, you can also looking for outsourcing React Ntaive app development companies. As it might lower down the cost of React Native developer and also fit perfect with your app project, especially if you are startup company. 

What is the Process of Hiring a React Native Developer?

1. Determine the needs for your project.

It’s critical to know exactly what you need for your project before you begin searching for React Native developers. This entails specifying the features you wish to add, defining the scope, and establishing a completion date. It will be simpler to determine the precise knowledge and expertise you want from a React Native developer if you have a clear project strategy.

2. Assess the technical and soft skills of the applicant.

It’s critical to consider both a candidate’s soft qualities and technical acumen when hiring React engineers. Examine previous work, give coding tasks, or gauge their proficiency with the React Native framework with a technical skills evaluation tool. You may assess someone’s communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities by posing behavioral questions in relation to soft skills. You may also verify references and evaluate their aptitude for picking up new skills and adjusting to new technology.

3. Ask for experience and portfolios 

A well versed mobile app developer can easily understand the business requirement and provide excellence mobile app development services to you. However, to make the smart decision of app developers, you must ask for their experience and the work they have done in their career. 

4. Consider culture fit

A crucial consideration when hiring React Native engineers is culture fit. Seek out experts who have similar work ethics, communication styles, and ideals to your business. More productive working relationships and improved collaboration can result from a strong cultural match.

5. Select the ideal international talent partner

Working with a trustworthy international partner like DianApps might be beneficial when seeking to engage committed React Native engineers for a number of reasons. First off, these businesses may draw from a wider pool of talent, which includes knowledgeable and experienced React Native developers. 

Second, they manage the selection and screening of candidates, sparing your business resources, money, and time. Lastly, hiring processes are usually simplified by global talent partners, who can also help with team management and team scalability.


While React Native framework is still at its experimenting stage, it holds a great potential in the app development market. We hope now it is easy for you to identify the cost of hiring React Native app developers and choose according to your business requirement. 

Get in touch with a Mobile app development company to know the final cost and get started with the app development services right away!

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