Five techniques for a better return to work after the holidays

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We had a good time. There were days off (or weeks, if we were lucky) for many of us. We celebrated Christmas, New Year and for those who were offended by Omicron, the end of isolation was celebrated. And most importantly, we slept when we wanted to.

And as we saw the end of 2021 which, like 2020, was a year of tax liability, many of us – at the time – were no longer busy with work duties (sorry, to the bosses who read).

Something that makes the long return to the office and professional life even more difficult. We are tired, rusty and have discreetly forgotten how to do the job.

But, at least, we are all together.

Fortunately, there are things we can do to reconnect our brain (as we knew it) and get stuck in all those tasks that we may have neglected during the festive season.

And in zero time, we will return to the old state. Here are five things we can do to get started:

1. Let’s take it easy

We will not have much difficulty in achieving this. Yes, it’s the new year and the workload is approaching, but we had some break time that we needed and it’s natural to be a little tired. Let’s take our time and let ourselves be re-adjusted before we ‘attack’ our responsibilities.

And, unless their New Year’s resolution is to speed things up, many of our colleagues will be in the same mindset and will also start out relaxed. So, there is companionship in this.

2. Let’s plan our day

If we are accustomed to lunch, big mornings, and filling our day with TV and snacks, then it is definitely sad news that we return to work.

But just because employment makes sense, does not mean we have to give up all those little luxuries. Maybe we could keep the “take care of ourselves” mentality but at a safe distance. Let’s order at this breakfast/lunch (delivery) while we work. Or plan a 20-minute nap at lunch. Or watch our favorite show while eating at our break.

3. Sleep, sleep, sleep

This can be the most difficult thing to do, as many of us have developed the sleep pattern of a teenager who goes to bed at 2 or 3 in the morning and goes to bed the next day.

It’s a pity we can not continue to do so (but also, was it ever really wise to stay up so late?) So let’s avoid the revenge of procrastination before bed and go to bed earlier. We will be happier about it the next day.

4. Turn off electronic devices

It’s the biggest shame of our lives that when it comes to doing things we are often tired as it takes longer, but when it comes time to sleep, sleep seems nowhere.

So with that in mind, let’s aim for more high-quality sleep instead of longer (or shorter) breaks.

One way to better ensure a good night’s rest is by giving up electronic devices. Katherine Pinkham, a consultant at the National Health Service in England and founder of The Insomnia Clinic, says the biggest problem with using our phone right now is the blue light and the excitement. “Blue light is the type of light emitted by technology,” he says. “Studies have found that blue light inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which grows naturally with darkness and reduced light.”

If we can not imagine that it is not possible to use our device at night, it is worth considering getting a blue light filter, which changes the type of light emitted by our screen so that it does not affect melatonin production. But that will not solve the other (emerging) issue from technology: stimulation. “The idea is that if you’re on your phone or laptop all night, you’ll not relax anyway,” Pinkham notes.

5. Let’s plan something for later

The resumption of normal life can make us feel that all the fun is gone for now. The next exciting occasion may not yet be visible. But who said we have to wait for the holidays or birthdays to see our family, eat greedily (within reason of course) and let ourselves take a break?

If we feel frustrated about all this, then let’s plan something fun for tonight, or (for) the weekend or any time of the week.

It will “give” us something to look forward to and make sure we get over this gloomy day.

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