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If you are wondering whether it is time to get your car brakes repaired, then there is a good chance that the answer might be yes. If you notice carefully you might notice that several warning signs facilitate the need for a brake repair.

Repairing the broken system on time is important as it concerns your safety as well as your passenger’s safety. However, there are times when the warning signs might confuse you. Below listed are a list of five warning signs that would help you to understand when you need to repair your car’s brake.

When Do You Need Car Brake Repair


Squeaky Sounds While Driving

If you are hearing a squeaky pr rubbing sound while trying to stop the car, then there are chances it is time to get your car brakes checked.

As the brake pad and the rotor are getting rubbed against each other which isn’t an ideal situation. However, it is a very basic symptom but getting it checked immediately would be beneficial and safe.

Vibration When Break Applied

Your bones might rattle when you attempt to apply break on your car. Don’t ignore this warning or take it lightly. The reason could be twisted rotors. Twisted rotors usually slow down the reaction time of the braking system which is further followed by a delay of five seconds more when you try to stop the car by applying brakes. Also, make sure to let a professional look into this kind of car repair to get the exact and relevant solution. Read here what to look for in a good mechanic when you want to find the best one in your area.

Leaking Fluids

Leaking of fluids is bad news. If you evidence leaking of brake fluid then that means the hydraulic pressure that is applied to the discs or pads got lowered significantly followed by lessening the slowing power of brakes.

Sheering To One Side While Driving

Sheering either to one left or right side while applying a brake is another sign that you need to repair your car brakes. This happens either because one of the callipers in the braking system freezes up or may be due to the application of more force to one brake calliper than the other due to which the sheering is experienced.

Burning Smell

A sharp pungent smell can be smelt as a result of heating your braking system. In that case, either the brake pads need to cool down a little or the brake fluid needs to cool down after repeated use.

If necessary precaution is not taken on time then it might lead to a lot of expense along with risking the life of yourself as well as passengers who might travel in your car.

For more information, read here the signs that indicate you need to repair your Car’s brake.

Why Is The Engine Cooling System Important?


  • Our car’s temperature changes according to weather conditions and usage. To protect it from over-heating a well-maintained cooling system is of utmost necessity, as it would help to maintain the safety issues of the Car’s engine.
  • In the absence of an effective cooling system accidents and forced expenses are more likely to take place.
  • A car’s cooling system helps in the circulation of coolant mixture through ports in the engine. This mixture further dissolves the excess heat and releases it through your car’s radiator.
  • The radiator is further cooled by the engine fans and air when you drive, hence repeating the cycle. This is why the engine cooling system is so important.
  • The cooling engine serves three major functions. To begin with, it removes the excess heat from the engine. Secondly, it maintains the temperature of the operating engine where it works most efficiently. Finally, it helps to bring the engine to the right operating system as soon as possible.

How To Check The Coolant Level?

  • There is a certain level of coolant which varies from one car to another car depending on weather conditions.
  • So, depending on your car type, there are several ways to check the coolant level, some have a cooler expansion tank, while it is absent in other levels.
  • If your car contains acoolant expansion tank, then you just need to remove the cap from it and add the coolant mix whenever necessary.
  • And if your car doesn’t contain the tank in that case you need to remove the radiator cap and then check the coolant level. To properly remove it, you need to release proper pressure as per required.
  • However, it is important to note that all automotive cooling systems need to add the correct mixture of coolant and water.
  • Running straight water in your cooling system is never a good idea, as the coolant has more boiling point as compared to straight water which is more efficient in operating the cooling system.
  • It is advisable to consult your car’s manual to get accurate information about the specifics and mixtures of your particular car.

Closing Statemen

It is of utmost necessity to take warning signs seriously when experienced, as it will result in long-lasting car performance and less expense. It is advisable not to perform DIY in case of any issue until and unless you are professionally trained. Let the mechanics do the routine maintenance and replacement of parts which is necessary.

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