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Disadvantages of Not Using Wholesale Lotion Packaging Boxes


Wholesale lotion packaging boxes and stock packaging are two of the most common options manufacturers use. The difference between these two is often ignored.

When one packaging box is the best option for brands looking to build recognition. The other is generally ready-made packaging that is produced in massive quantities in a short amount of time.

It would financially, and logically make sense to choose the less expensive option and have ready-made packaging that requires no effort. All the while, one that is ready as soon as you place the order. For some cases, this can be a really good touch for brands that just do not care for their product packaging or customers.

You may have seen the biggest of brands with their fancy lotion boxes. But that isn’t what gravitates consumers towards them. It is their custom packaging and the features on them that drive their popularity.

Difference Between Wholesale & Stock Packaging

Custom-made lotion boxes can be altered to perfection and fit brands’ needs. Whether you are storing your lotions for a long time or transporting your said product. There is a solution for every problem you might face when creating and expanding your lotion business.

And that solution is wholesale boxes. It is designed with the help of creative minds, and structural designers. But if you want full control of your packaging for lotions, you can even have a custom design for them. This is one of the magic of customised lotion packaging boxes.

On the other hand, stock packaging for lotions is generic packaging that costs less. And benefits you even less. This process is clean and does not require you to constantly check the design files, or requires you to spend time on the manufacturing process.

But it’s not all that easy. With stock boxes, you also can’t have any type of branding. Or leave an impression on consumers. We can see a lot of retail stock packaging for lotions. And think for a second, do you get excited when you see a plain skincare lotion box with no whatsoever customization? That’s the thing, no one does.

This explains one reason why you should never expect to make more sales with stock lotion boxes.

Problems You’ll Face Without wholesale lotion packaging

wholesale lotion packaging boxes are more than just a visual appearance that gives your lotions and identity. They play a role in protecting and promoting your brand. Except for generic stock packaging, you are most likely to put your bottles in pre-made boxes. Which is logically never the best idea.

Here are some of the most common problems you’ll face without wholesale lotion packaging boxes.

Decrease Rate of Customers

Stock packaging may be less expensive. But it can’t compare to the excitement custom printed lotion packaging provides. With stock packaging, no added element may make your customers believe in choosing your brand.

Furthermore, with no colours on your product box, it is not easy to catch attention. Without logos and printed slogans, you also have very little chance to stand on the shelf with confidence. With each new feature and high-quality element added to your packaging, you get the chance to take a place in the hearts of consumers.

It’s a very well-played marketing strategy if you do it well with cosmetic boxes.

No Logo & No Branding

As mentioned above, stock packaging doesn’t have custom options added onto their surface or even inside. The lack of personalization also does not allow your beautiful logo to adorn your packaging box.

You don’t communicate the right message to your skincare lovers. Well-designed packaging does so. But if you don’t use customised packaging boxes, you can turn a significant portion of consumers away from your side of the shelf.

Lack of Enthusiasm

With no custom colour schemes, or printed add ons, and no finishing to look like it’s luxurious, you have no way to make your trusty customers happy or entities. Your customers should get what you’re selling, whether it be lotion or cream that makes their skin soft, or that makes their skin glow like nothing else!

To make them aware of what they are buying, you need to tell them in the best manner possible. And without designing on custom printed lotion packaging, you can’t have the same effect. This excessive packaging material is so influential when starting as a brand, that it can either make or break your brand.

No Well-Designed Features

When designing becomes an integral part of custom printed lotion packaging, you cannot have graphics on your packaging. But with what custom packaging typically provides, stock packaging is a whole another case.

If you choose not to have customised lotion packaging, you are missing out on a chance to create a well-signed product, With structural modifications to make you stand out in the crowd!

Stock packaging for cosmetics provides simple boxes that can be tapped and sent with no enthusiasm whatsoever.

No Message Delivered from Your Side

No telling the consumers why they should choose you. And no longer being involved in the top best lotions to try this year. When you don’t tell your customers what they are here for, you don’t deliver your part of the message right. And this is exactly what cosmetic packaging company provide.

When you are constantly making your brand shine with custom lotion packaging, you have more of a chance to trend and be on top of the best lotions of the year list!

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