Designing Your Dream Home With Inspiration From a Tiles Showroom

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Tiles can add not only functionality but also style to interior spaces. From bathrooms and kitchens to bookcases and shelving units, tiles make an impressionable statement of individuality in every space they inhabit. Your showroom should be designed so it is user-friendly for customers, making sure they can locate everything they need without becoming overwhelmed. Good circulation flows are key for increasing conversion.

Tile Colors

Color can be one of the most entertaining and versatile elements you can play with when designing with tile. Consider your desired emotions when choosing colors for a room you are creating; research has revealed that certain hues have psychological impacts that could help promote them. It’s essential that your new design makes you happy every time you look at it!

Darker shades of tile can add a luxurious and dramatic ambience to any room, from modernist offices to rustic settings like this bathroom designed by Atelier Drome (opens in new tab).

A relaxing atmosphere can be achieved through choosing the ideal shades of blue. Sky- and baby blue tile can help visually expand a space while navy and dark blue bring strength and power, teal- and turquoise tile add beachy style, while purple invokes feelings of royalty while mid-tone shades of purple soothe bedrooms and bathrooms alike.

Brighter shades of tile can add vibrancy and excitement to a room, like yellow tile which has the capacity to make spaces feel warmer and cozier, coral or gold adding rich and elegant elements in any space. When considering mixing finishes like this designer (opens in new tab) has done in their master bath with white subway tiles accented with glazed terra cotta tiles for an eye-catching effect.

Tile Shapes

Tile shapes and patterns are powerful tools in interior design. From covering entire walls to creating statement pieces, patterned tiles enable luxurious designs with mesmerizing ambience.

A great tile showroom will feature an assortment of eye-catching shapes to help create an eye-catching visual statement. Choose from angles to arches, playful or classic styles for shapes that match your decor style perfectly and truly personalise your space.

Square tiles are an essential staple that can be used in multiple ways to adorn any room or surface, from flooring and countertops to backsplashes and even walls. Laying them straight, vertically or horizontally will visually widen or lengthen a room and direct your line of sight towards specific points in space. By offseting them – such as running bond tile patterns associated with wood-look flooring, or herringbone patterns – square tile adds dimension and texture that adds visual interest and sophistication.

Rectangle tiles are another versatile tile shape that can be arranged in various patterns and arrangements. They can be laid parallel or perpendicularly against one another to form herringbone, chevron, basketweave, honeycomb patterns.

Tile Patterns

Tile patterns are an effortless way to add intrigue and design appeal to your home. Ranging from classic square layouts to eye-catching chevron and herringbone styles, there is an array of tile patterns available that will bring some flair. Not only can unique tile patterns add visual interest; they can also help create the illusion of space while hiding any flaws in wall tiles.

A stacked pattern for tile walls can make them appear clean and contemporary while making your walls appear taller. An alternative approach might involve placing tiles off-center so they create an almost herringbone-esque effect; this method creates less angular results.

Basket-weave tile layout is another popular tile arrangement, which resembles the weave of a basket to create an organic and cozy feeling in your room. This design works especially well when placed in smaller spaces such as powder rooms or shower stalls and works especially well when combined with textured wall tile.

Though marketing and merchandising techniques can help increase sales, nothing beats having an efficient showroom designed with your customer in mind. An efficient showroom allows your customers to find exactly the right tile for their home while providing them with an enjoyable shopping experience.

Tile Accessories

Tile showrooms provide more than just tiles; they also offer world-class design services that can help create spaces that are exclusive and welcoming for everyone who enters.

One of the greatest advantages that specialty tile showrooms have over big box stores is the level of service offered. Tile experts can be there to answer all of your questions and assist in any way possible during a tiling project, including installation, maintenance and more.

As part of designing a showroom, it’s essential that customers can see all of the options that are available to them. One effective way of accomplishing this goal is using feature walls: these enable customers to view many types of tiles at once while making more efficient use of space in your showroom.

A great showroom will also offer an assortment of trim pieces. People may purchase tile but then realize they lack the matching trim piece to complete the look; typically tile showrooms stock many different kinds such as quarter round, pencil and bullnose finish trim pieces that complete any design perfectly and add an elegant, high-end aesthetic.

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