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Dedicated Server VS Bare Metal – Which One is Better


dedicated server and bare metal both provide the best features for growing your own business. For virtual creativities needful bare metal, 1 dedicated IP address, affordable plans and 24/7 every day help, an ideal server host in India is the go-to decision. A dedicated server is a physical server and a virtual base server and Bare Metal is a physical server and cloud computing.

DomainRacer and DedicatedCore provide security for protecting your website and application. This Article helps compare between dedicated servers and bare metal for making you choose which one is better.

What Is a Bare Metal Server?

The bare metal server is a physical server that is provided entirely for single use with shared cloud infrastructure. A bare metal server doesn’t have any virtual layer which gives users full access to hardware and resources. Direct access to the server makes it ideal for performance-intensive applications, high-traffic websites, large databases, and complex analytics tasks.

A bare metal server is more flexible and can be configured accounting to extra needs. The bare metal server is designed for long-term use or performance. The bare metal server is built with the latest and most powerful hardware which is NVME solid state driver (SSD) with fast speed and better performance.

What Is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a virtual server which is different for every user. This low cost provider of eu based server offer you services to redo your dedicated resorces as your necessities and host your sites at ideal spots like the Europe. DomainRacer and DedicatedCore provide VDS dedicated servers with lightning-fast SSD and NVME storage.  dedicated server is designed for building websites and applications. A dedicated server provides CPU, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and RAM for the performance and reliability of the website.

A dedicated server provides controls and customizable choices for users to manage software installation, operating system, and hardware specifications. For this reason, a dedicated server is more favored by businesses that require consistent performance and complete control over the server.

Bare Metal vs. Dedicated Server: A Comparison:

A dedicated server focuses on providing completely isolated resources for protecting your servers. The bare metal server is built with the latest hardware like NVME storage. Let’s compare the difference between a Bare metal server and a Dedicated server which one is more suitable for you and your website and application?


Bare metal server gives the features that are the latest and most powerful processors and customizable storage which includes SSD, HHD, and NVME storage which can adjust the needs of the I/O operator. They also provide the latest module of RAM like DDR4 and DDR5. The network of bare metal servers has low latency configuring, and high bandwidth, and is integrated with the cloud network services.

A dedicated server uses high-level performance for the processor why it is more reliable and stable. DomainRacer and DedicatedCore have features like RAM, CPU, Disk space, and bandwidth. The storage given by the dedicated server includes lightfast SSD, HHD, and NVME storage, RAM up to users required, and also unlimited bandwidth, and VCPU which means a virtual central processing unit.


Bare metal servers are suitable for high-performance and demanding applications. The absence of virtualization gives the leverage to the user for server full computation and storage potential. Having the cloud environment ensures the high speed and flexibility of the server.

A dedicated server provides dedicated resources for every user. The performance of the user cannot be interrupted by the other user. Because the resources are different for every user the performance of the website or application is consistent.

Control and Customization:

The bare metal server provides a high level of control with an option for custom configuration but within the constraints of the cloud provider. However bare metal servers offer significant flexibility in the choice of software and operating system as users can install and run any software and OS-compatible with the server.

A dedicated server gives complete control over the server setup, including hardware and software configurations. Users can set up extra components like RAM, CPU, and Storage as much is required for the website but you have to do it before deploying the website and application. However, after the setup is done the changing of hardware is more challenging and more time-consuming.


The bare metal server has a high level of security because of cloud infrastructure. There is on virtual server because of that attacks are reduced and less chance of security breaches.

DomainRacer and DedicatedCore ensures the security of your website and application by providing DDOS protection, Firewall, and email spam protection. For security, a dedicated server provides different physical and virtual servers for every user which reduces the chance of attack from other users.


Bare metal server prices are flexible because of the cloud infrastructure. Bre metal servers are better for small and medium businesses or startup companies.

A dedicated server has a fixed price which can be significant due to exclusive use of hardware. Prices are fixed because the resources that are allocated are fixed. This type of server is used for larger business or long-term use.


You can choose between Bre Metal and a dedicated server based on the budget given. Bre metal can be helpful for the business which requires the raw resources from physical servers and the flexibility of cloud computing. DomainRacer and DedicatedCore have the best resources for your business you get full root access and any-time customer support. A dedicated server has high traffic control so you can use it for large websites or applications.


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