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AC Servo Motors and Drives Market Trends in 2022

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As per the International Federation of Robotics, encyclopedically in 2019, about artificial robot units valued at USD13.8 billion were installed across several artificial operations. Out of it, 28 of robots were installed in the automotive assiduity and 24 in the electronics assiduity. The growing demand for artificial robots to speed up the artificial processes is anticipated to boost the demand for advanced AC servo motors and drives encyclopedically.

Likewise, the surging demand for innovative AC servo systems that give smoother, flexible, and longer functional capability is anticipated to contribute to the global AC servo motors and drives assiduity growth in the forthcoming times.

The global AC servo motors and drives market size is anticipated to showcase considerable growth by reaching USD10.79 billion by 2027 while flaunting a CAGR of6.64 between 2020 and 2027. This is attributable to the adding relinquishment of robots and smart machines that will propel the demand for advanced AC servo motors and drives worldwide. The assiduity stood at USD6.80 billion in 2019.

The AC servo system that includes AC servo motors and drives is generally unrestricted- circle system that utilizes position feedback to control the stir, speed, and final position of the machines. Also, AC servo drive is a type of electric amplifier that’s primarily used to control AC servo motors.

The lockdown blazoned by the government agencies has halted several artificial conditioning leading to force dislocation. Also, limited vacuity of pool and dropped demand is hampering the growth prospects of several diligence. Still, the situationpost-pandemic is likely to favor the assiduity growth with the resumption of artificial operations by inferring the strict regulations set by the government to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

Asia-Pacific to Remain Dominant; Growing Number of Manufacturing Diligence to Aid Growth

Among all the regions, Asia-Pacific is anticipated to hold the loftiest position in the global AC servo motors and drives assiduity in the forthcoming times. This is ascribable to factors similar as the growing number of manufacturing units in countries similar as South Korea, China, and Japan that will boost the relinquishment of advanced AC servo motors and drives in the region.

The global assiduity for AC servo motors and drives exploration provides a detailed analysis of several factors similar as the crucial motorists and conditions that will impact growth. Also, the exploration provides perceptivity into the indigenous analysis that covers different regions, contributing to the growth of the assiduity.

Significant Investment by Eminent Companies to Strengthen Their Assiduity Positions

The global assiduity is consolidated by the presence of major companies fastening to maintain a fort by investing in the development of innovative AC servo systems. In addition to this, other crucial players are espousing strategies similar as junction and accession, installation expansion, and collaboration that will favor the assiduity growth in the forthcoming times.

Worldwide Rearmost Assiduity Development

April 2020 – Mitsubishi Electric Corporation launched advanced MELSERVO-J5 Series of AC servo motor, amplifiers, and stir control units. The new series, according to the company, offers high inflexibility, effectiveness, performance, and trustability. Also, it’s generally designed to be espoused for artificial operations similar as material running, packaging, and printing.

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