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A Review of Nike Tech Fleece

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Bring comfort in every season:

With the summer season being so hot, it’s easy to see why people would look towards Nike Tech Fleece to stay warm. Whether you’re shopping for swimwear, work wear or simply strolling around the streets, it is one of the most popular fabrics on the market. With harsh weather being especially prevalent at this time of the year, many tend to lean towards Nike Tech Fleece as a great alternative for sports wear. A great workout, a long run or for comfortable everyday casual attire, Nike Tech Fleece provides all of style and performance for more naturally tanned skin, not just those who have darker skin.

Effective in winter:

The feel of Nike’s Tech Fleece is surprisingly light and airy, making it ideal for use during the winter months. It has an extremely lightweight feel, yet offers a lot of breathabilities to keep your body cool and dry. And its lightweight feel means that it flows naturally, without being heavy and constricting. Because of the lightness of Nike’s fleece material, it is a common misconception that it doesn’t provide much warmth. This is completely untrue! Tech Fleece provides a snugly warm feeling to the wearer, which leaves little to the imagination as to how it feels on the skin.

Nike has really outdone themselves this year with their range of Tech Fleece products. There are now Tech Stripe Knit and Tech Stripe Zip options, which make the product not only more attractive and stylish but much more functional as well. With the new streamlined look of Nike’s fleece, you now get a single layer of fabric rather than multiple thinner layers. This makes for a very efficient garment that keeps your body very warm and dry through any conditions.

Best for causal use:

Nike has really upped their game this year, creating a range of Tech Fleece products that have a very sleek and streamlined look to them. The flat weave of the fabric means that it is so lightweight that it is able to move easily, whilst providing superb comfort. It also creates a very cool and light effect through its seamless construction, allowing the Nike Tech Fleece Knit to have a very casual and cool look. However, it has a little more warmth and bulk when used for sports and active wear.

Technology today sometimes moves at such a quick pace that sometimes the most innovative ideas get left behind. And one such tech whose time has come and gone is the zip around hoodie. Nike has recently introduced a revolutionary technology in the shape of the Nike Tech Hoodie. This hoodie uses a tapered design to add a breathable layer of protection to your hoodie, whilst also adding extra light and heat management properties to keep you comfortable and thermostatic throughout the day.

Useful features of Nike:

 Nike Tech Fleece
Useful features of Nike

Nike has made use of a clever new way to add comfort to a traditional long-sleeved hoodie. Rather than using the traditional Velcro fasteners that most jackets and sweatshirts use, the Nike tech fleece uses’smart-strip’ technology, which means that the fasteners are woven right onto the Nike hoodie full-zip hoodie. The result is an easy to remove hoodie with a comfortable design that offers lightweight comfort.

Nike have also added a number of useful features to their running pants. They have developed a line of athletic apparel called the Nike Tech Pants series, which take their innovative engineering approach to running gear and have been designed especially for joggers. The pants offer a lightweight comfort that is not too bulky nor loose-fitting, but instead offers a slimming appearance that works well when used for running.

Nike have incorporated many of the same open side pockets that they use on their running hoodies into the pants, which allow for easy storage and easy access when needed. They also have an attractive construction and are available in a number of vibrant colors.

Multiple designs for kids, women’s, and men’s:

Nike has also developed a line of pullover-style sweatshirts that feature a tapered design at the cuffs and hem of the shirts. This tapered design provides a bit more resistance to stretch, which helps to ensure that the wearer will remain warm and insulated through even the most frigid conditions. The women’s Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie offers a lightweight comfort that is still durable enough to stand up to daily wear and tear.

The hood is open at the front and can be easily accessed with one hand, while offering a reliable fit and design that will not interfere with your running. For women, or for men, who need the best level of performance from their running gear, the Nike tech fleece pants, sweatshirt, or hoodie are the right choice.

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