A Guide to Web Design: What Is Web Design 2024


Web design has made significant strides since the very first site was launched in the year 1991. With more than one billion active websites online nowadays, it’s no surprise that the industry will not go away anytime soon. Wix hosts thousands of professional web designers as well as enthusiasts and designers who are empowering the field to take it to new heights. So, if you’re trying to get more information about the web design world, You’re in the right spot.

In the beginning, before learning how to design a site, the article will zoom into the essentials of web design. We will give helpful suggestions by defining key concepts and terms, as well as taking a look at some examples that can give you more insight.

What is Web Design?

The web design process is the method of conceptualizing, planning, and organizing content online. The design of a website today extends beyond aesthetics to include the functionality of the site. Web design can also include mobile apps, web apps as well as user interface (UI) design as well as user interaction (UX).

Have you realized that your website’s design can have a massive impact on the performance of your site in search engines such as Google? This article will give some useful tips on how to build a site that is not just attractive but also functions well and is highly ranked in the search results.

Choosing a Web Design Tool

There are two primary ways to design a site with a desktop application or using a builder for websites. The software you choose will differ greatly depending on the size of your team and budget, the kind of site you’d like to design, and the technical specifications.

Desktop Apps

Desktop applications require designers to develop their designs and then submit them to a team of developers who translate the design into code. The most used desktop apps for creating websites include Photoshop and Sketch.

It is typically the case for large and complex websites. The advantages of a desktop application are:

Designers should concentrate on the overall style and feel

Technical issues are passed on to the developers

The website’s capabilities are not restricted to the features of a web-based builder

Website Builders

There are a variety of web builders on the market these days that provide a diverse variety of services and features. Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, and Pagecloud are but some of the most popular website builders that vary in terms of design options, template choices, prices, and the overall editing experience. Make sure you do your homework, test free trials, and decide the platform that best suits the needs of your site.

Design principles that are used to design websites

One of the most important aspects of understanding web design is to know what good web design means and how to do it.

You can look at the basic principles of design to help us understand them; the theory that designers and artists use defines the aesthetic qualities that every composition must strive for. The application of these principles to web design could help novice as well as advanced web designers create a website with a pleasing appearance and feel.

Of course, these are flexible rules to adhere to. However, they are guidelines that help us understand how to use the various components of a site’s design. Learn directly from Picasso, “learn the rules like a pro so that you can break them like an artist.” When you know the purpose of web development and are more familiar with each web component, you can modify your approach by adding an innovative approach.


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