7 Types of CBD Products


You may be interested in trying CBD for its beneficial effects but are hesitant about trying it. Even though THC is commonly consumed via smoking, CBD doesn’t have to be consumed that way. Thankfully, the industry has innovated several different ways to consume CBD. 

There are many different consumption methods, such as vaping and edibles. You can enjoy the effects of CBD in many different ways. Due to the various ways to use CBD, you’ll find a product that meets your needs. 

Check out seven popular ways to use CBD and discover which one you like the most! 

1. Vapes

Vaping is the method of CBD consumption most analogous to smoking. It might be a good option for someone who enjoys the ritual of smoking. Yet, you want to avoid the adverse effects of inhaling burned matter. 

Vapes work by inserting a small cartridge filled with liquid containing CBD oil into the mouthpiece. An atomizer vaporizes the liquid, which you inhale and exhale like smoking. Vapes are generally regarded as less harmful to your health than smoking. 

2. Oils

Oils are a concentrated and versatile method of taking CBD. The most direct is to put a dose of oil under your tongue. After it’s under your tongue, let it rest for at least a minute before swallowing. At the start, the flavor may be strong and unpleasant. However, mixing it with something else is a great way to mask it. Smoothies and salad dressings are great options. Try various food options until you discover a way to use CBD via oils. 

3. Pills

If you prefer a more clinical way to take your CBD, it is available in capsule or pill form. Taking CBD in pill form makes it easy to take it discreetly at any time. It’s convenient to work it into your regular routines. Capsules frequently contain the same CBD oil you can take on its own. The pills come packaged for convenient consumption.

4. Topical Ointments

For those looking to pull double duty, CBD oil is often mixed into lotions and ointments of all varieties. It all depends on your goals. But a cream tuned for skin health can give you the CBD effects you want while keeping your skin soft and supple. Look for a lotion that contains ingredients to keep your skin young and contains CBD. 

You may experience muscle pain or pain related to an injury. Some products, such as topical ointments, contain CBD to relieve pain. Use a pain relief cream to maximize its effectiveness in alleviating pain in a specific area. Another benefit is that you take less NSAIDs. Furthermore, CBD pain-relieving creams also decrease inflammation. 


5. Edibles


You can combine all sorts of edibles with CBD oil to make consumption a simple and tasty treat. One of the more common forms is a simple gummy. A small gummy makes it easy to pack and take whenever you wish. Cereal bars, breakfast cereal molded into a bar with melted marshmallows, are another commonly seen packaged form of edible CBD. 


You can make all sorts of foods with CBD. But what you purchase all depends on what your local dispensary offers! Call ahead to find out if they have the CBD products you seek. They can likely refer you to another dispensary nearby if they don’t. 


6. Mist Sprays


These sprays are discrete tubes containing a liquid high in CBD released in a fine mist. This mist can be intended for either topical or oral use. With a topical spray, you can spritz it on your face and rub it on your skin. If you go the oral route, you spritz it under the tongue or into the back of the throat for quick absorption. The sprays travel exceptionally well and take seconds to use. So, it’s one of the more straightforward ways to get your desired CBD dosage.


7. CBD Bath Bombs


These are a newer and trendier addition to the lineup of CBD products you may see. You may have heard of CBD bath bombs! Like regular bath bombs, they produce bubbles and pleasant scents in a tub of warm water, but they include CBD. The caveat is that CBD is usually only 2-3x the amount you’d see in a regular dose of, for example, a topical lotion. But, the CBD gets diluted in the tub of 30 or more gallons of water. 


It’s likely the CBD effect from this will be minimal to non-existent. Even so, be cautious. This should serve as a warning to have a critical eye when purchasing CBD products.




Whichever type of CBD product suits your fancy best, it’s important to remember that, like most drugs, you will build up a resistance to its effects over time. It’s a good idea to take a week or two without CBD or THC occasionally. Doing so resets your cannabis tolerance. There are also ways to reset your tolerance naturally, as explained on this site. After all, you want to enjoy the full effects as long as possible!


Responsible use of CBD products to suit your lifestyle will leave you feeling great.

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