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The pandemic led to the creation of numerous home-based online businesses. These new businesses focused on delivering products via delivery. Many small business owners struggled to find packing solutions, especially for those marketing fragile and delicate items. Moreover, the increasing amount of plastic in the new packaging was concerning for environmentalists. Many businesses even incorporate eco-friendly packaging as part of their marketing strategy. However, is this accessible to small business owners? Yes.

From compostable mailer bags to environment-safe tape, there are numerous packaging options. Read on to find out what packaging options suit you best.

Mailer Bag:

With the delivery of most products being via mail, a mailer bag is a business essential. Cardboard boxes are bulky and difficult to store, and these bags are an affordable and fun alternative.

Deciding on a custom mailer bag design can also help add to your packaging aesthetic. Moreover, many packaging solutions also have compostable options that make your packaging 100% eco-friendly and safe.

While purchasing these bags, ensure that they are sturdy and fit the marketed product. Larger bags are a resource waste, and smaller ones may result in product damage.


Every Instagram business uses cute designs and labels to define itself. In an aesthetic-dominant world, investing in appealing packaging is crucial.

Labels and stickers are a marketing trick used to imprint brand images on consumers. Choosing paper labels over their plastic alternative is an eco-friendly decision. Moreover, always ensure that the adhesive used is safe and functional.


Ribbons are adorable, and they transfer that aesthetic to your packaging. While tying things off, use a simple cloth ribbon and end it with a cute bow. It is a relatively easy way to improve your packaging appeal.

You can even hold the ribbon in place with a label.

Some businesses offer custom ribbons, and using them can help build a brand image.

Packing Material:

Transporting fragile items is every small business owner’s nightmare. However, you can ensure that your product reaches your consumers unscathed by packaging well.

The most common packing materials are bubble wrap and styrofoam beans are the most common packing materials. Opt for hex paper packing material for packaging to support the environment. Other recycled paper options also serve as eco-friendly packing alternatives.


Many people don’t realise that this tape contributes to plastic waste. Companies are marketing compostable and eco-friendly tape alternatives. These tapes have plant-based adhesives and compostable surfaces, making them completely biodegradable.

Other companies also offer brand-printing services for product packaging tape. Moreover, having a 100% eco-friendly package is a marketing bonus for many small businesses.

Packaging Tips:

Now that you’ve made a checklist of what you need, here are a few tips on how you put together a cute standard package.

Colour Palette:

Always follow a set colour scheme while putting together a package. Black and White suit any colour, and using them helps complement block-coloured brand schemes.

Always opt for colour schemes that represent your brand. If you are yet to decide on a shade scheme, look into how the psychology of colours affects brand marketing.

Thematic Packaging:

Seasonal and Holiday-based products are a win-win for most businesses. Consider revamping your packaging for these special seasonal sales to promote the festive mood.

Thematic packaging can either be colour-based or print-based. With the advancement in technology, custom print packaging is easy to find.

Many companies offer mailer bags in different colours and prints. Opt for these to ensure that your packaging stays dynamic and fun.

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