How To Make Your Botox Last Longer?

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Growing old can be scary. The never-ending addition of responsibilities and the exhaustion of dealing with several personal and professional relationships is gruelling. The stress of everyday life slowly starts to show up in your face’s wrinkles and frown lines.

Well, there is one sure shot way to erase the apparent signs of aging from your face – Botox! It can help you regain your lost confidence and nudge you gently in the direction of self-love.

That said, Brisbane botox cannot last forever. Although, you can take care of it and prolong it for a longer period!

What to do immediately after the Botox injection?

After getting the Botox injection, try not to put direct pressure on the injection site. Gentle massaging movements are helpful, though.

Additionally, some gentle facial exercises will help spread the neurotoxin evenly on your face muscles. It will also speed up the magic of Botox and help it last for a reasonably long time!

What to do 24 hours after the Botox injection?

Whether you are getting fillers or Botox, it is advisable not to touch your face or put any pressure for at least 24 hours post the treatment. It would be best not to rub your face or exfoliate your skin.

This ultimately helps keep the neurotoxin in the right spot on your face and prevents it from dissipating away.

Additionally, try to not indulge in physical exercises and keep the pressure off of your face.

Tips to help your Botox last longer

It’s not viable to undergo Botox treatment ever so often. But there sure are ways to extend the impact of the Botox and make it last longer between each touch-up visit!

1.     Constant hydration helps

Water is a magic potion – it not only helps keep wrinkles to a bare minimum and helps maintain the effect of Botox injections.

Besides drinking water, you can also aid your skin and hydrate it via some topical treatments. Pick a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid. It will prevent any chance of inflammation and ensure that the effect of your injectables fades away slowly.

2.     Have a good skincare routine

Botox is likely to last longer when you take good care of your skin. That’s basic 101 science! So, moisturize every day and drink plenty of water to keep your skin plump and away from wrinkles.

Additionally, some specific skincare products aid the neurotoxins, keep the hyaluronic acid at a decent level and ensure your skin is relaxed. Products like Revision Revox 7 or Skin Better Treatment Lines will help you with it.

Besides moisturizing, pick skincare ingredients that enhance collagen production and keep away free radicals from your skin. With a strong skin structure, the effects of neurotoxins will prolong.

Do not forget to use vitamin C, the perfect antioxidant that will keep your skin away from the damages of pollution and harsh sunshine. Use products that have collagen peptides or retinol that boost your collagen production.

3.     Keep away from UV exposure

Overexposure to the sun’s UV rays can reverse all the good benefits of Botox all too soon. This is precisely why all the patients are encouraged to safeguard themselves from sunshine, especially right after treatment.

UV rays are ruthless and will cause detrimental effects on your skin cells and lead to inflammation.

So, use a broad-spectrum, high-quality sunscreen and avoid going out during peak sun hours. In fact, whip out the biggest hat you have in your closet!

Final Words

Getting a Brisbane botox is a decently costly affair. SBS Insight claims that a single treatment can cost anywhere between $300-$700! Plus, if Botox is not for medical purposes, the insurance will not cover it.

So, if you are putting so much money and time into it, why not ensure that you can enjoy its effect for long?

Try to eat right, hydrate well, use the right skincare products and protect yourself from jarring sunshine. Then watch the way your skin glows and looks timeless!

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