Canada is home to over thirty-eight million people from diverse ethnicities, many of whom are avid marijuana smokers. Since the legalization of weed consumption in the country a couple of years ago, residents have found it increasingly easy to buy their favourite cannabis strains in permissible amounts from legitimate vendors.

For instance, if you look at reputable suppliers such as Buy Bud Now Canada, you will notice their vast customer base, owing chiefly to their quality products and prompt delivery services. Also, these online dispensaries do their bit to keep marijuana off the streets and from the hands of kids and underaged youngsters.

Here are some crucial things new Canadian residents and amateur weed smokers will be glad to know about the use of this incredible substance in the region.

Consumption is up

The majority of Canadian provinces have declared the legal age for weed consumption to be nineteen, except Alberta and Quebec, where it is eighteen and twenty-one, respectively. This resolution has resulted in many youth experimenting with various recreational strains and medical variants, zeroing in on some of the best weed products on the market.

Moreover, there are no gender disparities in consumption behaviour, with just as many women using marijuana as men. With the availability of private, government-run, and online retail outlets, it is now easier than ever for Canadians to purchase their preferred products.

If the current scenario persists, experts predict that the consumption rate will increase in the coming years.

Where to smoke

While buying weed is legal in Canada in the permissible amounts (an adult can possess approximately 150 grams of fresh weed at one time), you cannot simply light up anywhere you wish to. Almost all provinces prohibit consuming the sought-after substance in indoor public properties, transportation and transit facilities, and offices.

However, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia residents can light up anywhere they would typically smoke a cigarette. Halifax in Nova Scotia has gone further and designated approximately eighty-four smoking places throughout the region. Discussions are underway in many areas like Ontario to consider legalizing smoking lounges across the country.

Furthermore, several hotels and other accommodations permit guests to smoke marijuana in designated places. Those confused or doubtful about lighting up their rolls in a specific area in their locality can check with their trusted supplier for greater clarity.

Reliable online suppliers

Respected and trustworthy suppliers such as Buy Bud Now in Canada have made life much easier for weed consumers across the country. They take all sizes of orders and offer products at incredible discounts, enabling residents with all kinds of budgets to purchase their favourite items. Moreover, they have an extensive product list, selling everything from edibles like chocolates and gummies to concentrates and flowers.

Another fantastic thing about a reputable Canadian store like this is that they provide the delivery right to their customers’ doorstep, making it convenient for them to receive their purchases on time. This is remarkably helpful for residents with debilitating ailments who use medical marijuana for anxiety and pain management, nausea, and other unpleasant conditions.

Finally, these stores provide services to crucial areas like Alberta, Winnipeg, Calgary, Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver, Manitoba, Ottawa, Saskatchewan, etc., making it easy for residents in various regions to buy from their trusted suppliers.


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