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For cakes, tarts, pasta, brownies, cupcakes and other cake food products for catering and celebrations, aluminium trays are a popular choice since they are light, inexpensive and transfer heat effectively.

The pros of using aluminium in food containers

To protect food from light and air and retain quality, an aluminium tray is used; it can be recycled; it can be tailored uniquely to meet the needs of each client, and it can be made in a variety of sizes and forms. As a result, the production costs are reduced because aluminium is a light material.

  1. Non-toxic and safe raw materials are available for use

Aluminium foil is composed of the original alloy free of heavy metals and other dangerous compounds.

An annealing disinfection procedure at high temperature is used in aluminium foil manufacture to ensure that aluminium foil is safe to contain food and does not retain or aid in the growth of germs.

  1. Food will not react with aluminium in most circumstances

It is easy to heat and does not produce any harmful substances when heated.

When it comes to food preparation, refrigerating and reheating with aluminium foil may save time and money.

The thermal stability of aluminium foil is excellent. Aluminium foil containers can endure temperature changes effectively during manufacturing and packing. The molecular structure is stable at temperatures between -20°C and 250°C. The foil does not bend, shatter, melt, burn, or melt, whether baked or grilled at temperatures ranging from fast freeze to severe. Use aluminium foil to keep food from burning and releasing carcinogens by separating the hot coals from the smoke. Food trays and containers made of aluminium foil are perfect for sterilising and heat sealing at high temperatures. All kinds of ovens may be used to heat aluminium foil food containers. These include anaerobic heating containers and steamers, a wide range of microwave and pressure cookers, and aluminium foil-wrapped food.

  1. Conveniently seal and wrap your food to keep it fresh and safe

When wrapping dinnerware, aluminium foil moulding is excellent because it doesn’t generate cracks or fractures even in the fold and roll edge sections.

Aluminium foils of various forms, thicknesses, alloys, and heat treatment states can be selected to reflect the product’s intended application correctly.

You can use aluminium foil, paper, or another material to cover aluminium foil food containers. You can accomplish effective sealing, robust heat preservation, and freshness preservation with its easy moulding and wrinkle features. This ensures that the food is not scattered or contaminated during storage and transit. The automatic capping equipment created by aluminium foil food box manufacturers may be utilised by significant food delivery businesses and central kitchen distribution to boost distribution efficiency, which is better than other materials of food boxes.

Is an aluminium foil container safe to put in the microwave?

In comparison to other types of packaging, aluminium packaging provides several advantages. As a result, aluminium food containers are utilised in various settings. Using an aluminium tray made of aluminium foil has some advantages, such as:

  • Preserving a substance’s capacity to transfer heat
  • The significance of employee health and safety cannot be overstated. Aluminium is hygienic and sterile; thus, it may be used directly with food.
  • Cooking in several ways (aluminium containers can be used in a traditional oven and with some precautions in the microwave too)
  • Long-term viability (aluminium foil trays are fully recyclable)
  • Accomplishment (aluminium food containers can be used in the domestic and industrial sectors)

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